Inspired & Motivated

As part of my journey to being a writer, I’ve been trying to read more books, blogs, magazines, etc. I got out of the habit of reading a long time ago. I love books and I love knowledge, I just chose to set aside the whole read the book to attain the knowledge I love having so much. Setting aside reading was a huge mistake that I am now correcting. Reading and writing…very important things. To receive and contribute, yeah? 🙂 It’s hard to explain why I would ignore such a big hobby of mine. I will reveal that another day. The point is that I’m changing my life for the better. Not for anyone else but me. Changing for the better, as it applies to me, includes doing things I love, and realizing that I am capable and worthy of succeeding at such things. I am very grateful for those supporting me. To be clear, I am not doing this alone, I am just doing it for me alone. I even made a rule for myself in regards to my supporters. The rule is to only listen to supporters! That way, I am way less likely to give up. It’s so easy to listen to and remember negative comments, so I’m determined to cast negativity aside.


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