Full Stride Ahead!

Its the morning after Thanksgiving, and I am still full. I spent my Thanksgiving with two families. One with my friend and his mom , which was nice, and the other with my brother, sisters, nephews and niece, and that was also nice. Overall it was a good day

On to more a more pressing topic (pressing to me). My next desired stride to take in my “become an author” process is to read up on writing and read more in general. I know I’ve mentioned these things before but I, as expected, am still adjusting to the idea of writing a book or even blogs. I’m just taking long slow strides at the moment, but they are just as productive as striding at any other pace. The point is that no matter where I’m at in my walk, I am in the right place as long as I don’t give up. Sound 12 step-ish? Good. Those 12 steppers (me, formerly) are onto something!! Hopefully by reading writing books and other literature, I will grow in my skill. I have the heart for writing, the dream of authorship, and the brains to do it, but I do not have a lot of concrete writing skills. I actually haven’t attended a writing class or studied writing since I was in seventh grade, which was approximately fifteen years ago. I could use the education is what I’m saying.

I am still in disbelief that I am doing this. It’s all happening…in real life! If feels great to follow my heart into something I love. As far as I can remember, I’ve never done that before. Thank God for this whole directional change that’s happening within me but also externally.


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